Begin Developing

with Entando

Micro Frontend Platform for Kubernetes

Get Started
with Entando in
3 Easy Steps

New to Kubernetes and hypervisors? Check out our in-depth guide where you’ll get hands-on experience, and learn Kubernetes as you go for each step of the process.

Install Kubernetes

Install Multipass

Launch VM

multipass launch --name ubuntu-lts --cpus 4 \
--mem 8G --disk 20G

Open a shell

multipass shell ubuntu-lts

Install k3s

curl -sfL | sh -

Prepare Kubernetes

Download Entando custom resource definitions

curl -L -C - \ \
| tar -xz

Create custom resources

sudo kubectl create -f dist/crd

Create namespace

sudo kubectl create namespace entando

Download Helm chart

curl -L -C - -O \

Configure access to your cluster

IP=$(hostname -I | awk '{print $1}')
sed -i "s/$IP/" entando.yaml

Deploy Entando

Create Kubernetes objects to define your cluster's desired state

sudo kubectl create -f entando.yaml